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Proud momma

I just watched a frequently paused and interrupted presidential debate with my almost 10 year old son.  He was so interested and so wanted to understand everything.  Of course he had some silly and naive thoughts and comments, he is an nine year old boy after all, but he more often surprised me with his maturity and intuition...about everything from economic spending, taxes, "Joe the Plumber"  all the way to abortion.  The boy knew more about that than I thought he did...and was actually extremely determined that it would be very wrong to force women to have babies they don't want...that it would be bad for the baby to not be wanted.  In addition he is all over sex education and that we should start in third grade so that by the time kids "have puberty" and can choose to "do it" that they will know how to not get pregnant, and further that the parents who choose to just teach their children to wait till they get marries will feel very guilty when their teenagers get pregnant.  Althoug,h he did seem to think that some middle-schoolers, if they are" really smart and skip a grade or something like that"....that those could choose to have a baby and "it would be good for them."    Sigh...   So, anyway, he wants to be a legislator, and I could see him going that route.  He has been more interested in this election than anything else other than pokemon or lego, ever. 

At the very least this young man will be a concerned, informed and politically aware American citizen and will never take his right to vote for granted.

Note, he wearing MY moveon.org Obama shirt, which apparently is not a ladies' size L but a teen size L...and is much too tight for public.  I may try it on for certain eyes at some point.  Till then, he asked if he could have it.    Oh, and he is not smiling with teeth showing because he currently prefers this smile.   :)  

Last note, Caelan has not slept well for a couple weeks and has been restless at bedtime...not tired or sleepy.  He was pretty active tonight till about 10, then laid down with us for a brief cuddle, and then went up to bed on his own (a first ever!) and fell asleep.  :)  This is a full hour earlier than the past several nights. :D

Alright--night all and sorry for the infrequent posts.  School is keeping me busy, along with single parenting...come home soon Justin!